Trade and farm with
up to 5x leverage
Access capital-efficient loans
Lenders get yield on various assets via the lending pools
Borrowers create margin accounts which allows composable portfolio margining
Borrowers deploy borrowed capital to many DeFi products via Sentiment
Generalized Margin Protocol
We aim to provide capital efficient borrowing and economic opportunities beyond speculation. Over time we aim to create and facilitate a Decentralized credit market, which increases economic growth in DeFi.
Mitigate Counter-Party Risk
The 2 main proponents of inefficient lending venues in DeFi are counter-party risk and solvency. Sentiment mitigates counter-party risk by employing a primitive name Margin Accounts.
Increase Economic Efficiency
We believe credit is integral to increasing economic opportunity and efficiency in a financial system, we are building Sentiment to create the infrastructure for a permissionless and capital efficient credit market in DeFi.